The Human Gene - Tzana

and the Fallen Angels’ Wars on Earth.

The Gold… ‘manna’ in Human Gene (the Christos Resurrected Seed), as source of Immortality (see Stitchin’s Enki, Enlil,  Fallen Angels story, Re-biogenesis)



From John….    To Julius….     To Norwich


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by John, Julius, Norwich


   What NASA’s  Μυθωδία’  is hiding .....?







Cosmic Geometry

 – Cosmic Egg of Orphism


Hendaye Cross






Cosmic Map



Cosmic Map-resurrected

Christos Seed Atoms



The Three Dodecahedrons,-

the Construct of Cosmic living organism




Cosmic Orphic Egg-Male/Female

Counteracting Suns/Swastikas










Time Matrix



Kathara Grid   


















Giza Pyramid; Orion, Sirius-Drako A, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor.



Sirius B-Canis Major (Dog Star)





Orion –Star Configuration






Pleiades–Orion–Sirius A Fractal ‘Light Cone’



Antarean Conversion – Orion Archetype  Gate.

The Orion Time Gate – Metatronic Alpha Omega Spiral.

Orion Stargate Metatronic vs.Oritronic Vortex Cross

Masonic tracing board-Star of the Pleiades, Sun, Mars




The Planets and Sun





Ogygia :And the Ancient Artefacts






Ubaid (pre-Sumerian)


Ur Madonna 5000–4000 BCE1







Angelic Warfare,

Fallen Angels,

gods’ Wars












A Fractal ‘Light Cone’






Antarean Conversion – Orion Archetype Gate.



Cosmic Geometry  -  Cosmic Egg of Orphism



Cosmic Map



Cosmic Map - resurrected Christos Seed Atoms



Cosmic Orphic Egg- Male/Female Counteracting Suns/Swastikas



DrakoA’(AlphaDrakonis) Drako



Giza Pyramid; Orion, Sirius-DrakoA, UrsaMajor, U.Minor.



Hendaye Cross



Kathara Grid



Orion Stargate



Masonic tracing board-Star of the Pleiades, Sun, Mars



Metatronic vs. Oritronic Vortex Cross



Orion –Star Configuration



Pleiades – Orion – Sirius



Sirius B-Canis Major (Dog Star)   



The Orion Time Gate-Metatronic Alpha Omega Spiral.



Time Matrix



Ubaid (pre-Sumerian)



Ur Madonna 5000–4000 BCE1



The Three Dodecahedrons,



The Construct of Cosmic living organism
















































































































































































































































































T O    T H E


E A S T    A N D    W E S T

 wave   impressive-photography-website-design-with-flashimagesS14DEIVZ 

webA T L A N T I A N  F L O O D


Poseidon and ‘Uranides

9.500  B. C.



A T L A N T I AN S  and  D R A V I D I A N S



Angelic Warfare, gods’ wars, &


The Luciferian Atlantian Covenant and

the ‘Moon’ Drakonians, Jehovah’s Annunaki and Sabaeoth’s Andromie

Priesthoods, Brotherhoods, and

the Holy Grail.


Earth as Water production factory, and the Farming of Human Seeding Plantations; and the Slavemasters.

Earth’s Mist-Story of Helium-Oxygen, the Moon’s parking on Earth’s orbit and  the Earth’s Water-Story of Hydrogen-Oxygen




Moon/Selene or Levan


The Moon (and Lilith), the Moon’s, Poseidon and ‘Uranides’ and the Atlantian Flood, and….…. the Mongol Hordes of the Luciferian Atlantian covenant (9500 B.C.) and the Babylonian Plan (680B.C).


Reconstruction of the Mediterranean Region from the Arrival of the Moon (and Lilith) in 20.000b.c. up to ~9.500b.c.



Atlantis Map













The Atlantis has sank....What About the Atlantians????





Pre-Atlantic Flood era, Map of Eurasia, Africa, Black Sea, Caucasus






The Osirian "Empire" actually made up of a series of allied nations including Athens, Khemet (Egypt), and other nations alluded to but not named by Plato. In the world before the Flood, but the deepest parts of the Mediterranean basin comprised extremely rich, fertile soil, which must have yielded a tremendous amount of produce. The deepest parts of what is now the Mediterranean were then deep, freshwater lakes that served as tributaries to the River Styx. The Styx began its life as what is now known as the River Nile, and then turned west, passing between Sicily and Malta, then south of Sardinia, and then through the Pillars of Hercules to form the Cataract of Hercules, a massive, ten-mile-wide waterfall that emptied into the Atlantic.
Image adapted from Università degli Studi di Pavia



Atlantis – Shores of Europe, and Africa



The Antediluvian Cataract at the Pillars of Hercules


The Cataract of Hercules, once located between the Pillars of Hercules. The Glomar Challenger expedition proved that parts of the Mediterranean basin had once been dry desert, above sea level. This 10-mile-wide channel between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, now routinely used by shipping, had once hosted a massive waterfall that drained Osiria's River Styx (now "The Nile") into the Atlantic. This waterfall was reversed by the Great Flood, and became the channel through which the tsunami that accompanied the Great Flood washed through and inundated the lowlying areas of the Osirian Empire. This channel remains today as the primary source of water for the Mediterranean Sea, without which it would quickly dry up.
Image from National Geographic




About the glaciers closest to the time of 9.500b.c.












True-Pro-Historic History.   Chrono-diagramma of Planetary History since the beginning of the 8th Galactic Mission of ‘Uranides’ (Lyran-Andromedans) –   and the Moon’s arrival on the Solar System.’










8th Galactic Mission of ‘Uranides’ on Earth in 34.000 b.c. The Earth’s Planetary Administrative centre was to be found in the parallels between 30` and 40` North, changing every 3.000 in a different city,  of the twelve cities involved, around 30` distance from one to the other, starting from section 1-1-1 of Ionia Lemouria, or Ainias or Ainou (Tokyo-Japan today), and then section 2-2-2 Arimaspia, Beijing-China, 3-3-3 Lasha-India, 4-4-4 Babylonia-Persia, 5-5-5 Delos, Dravinians-

Aegeada-Atheneans, Greece,  6-6-6 Iberia-Spain, 7-7-7 Eastern Atlantia, 8-8-8 Middle Atlantia, 9-9-9 Western Atlantia, 10-10-10 Eastern Lemuria, 11-11-11 Middle Lemuria,

12-12-12 West Lemuria (Pacific).


-----20.000 b.c Moon and Lilith, Drakonian War Space-Ships, in the Solar System.

-----11.432 b.c. the Drakonians’ hostile War Space-Ships,

first the Moon, is placed succesfully around Earth’s orbit as satellite (and then Lilith 2nd naval war-SpaceShip, is placed behind the Moon --same orbit-- in around 10.600b.c),

-----Drakonians, from the Moon and Lilith War Space-Ships, later known as the  ‘Moon’ Atlantians, are landing mainly in the Atlantis area.

Various genetic programs, and creation of hybrids are taking place.


11.000-8.000 b.c. Bacause of the above events, there is no Planetary Administrative Centre setting up in 9-9-9 section of Esperia, Western Atlantia,  (today’s Texas-Mexico).


10.600 b.c. warfare takes place between Dias’ Dravidian-Atheneans and Sion/Tamil, Sabaeoth/Saturn/Kronos, Jahova ‘Moon’ Atlantians.


---10.500. b.c. The Luciferian Covenant between (among others)  the :

Drako A’ and E’ Bootes, Sion (Moon commander) and Tamil (Lilith Commander)

And the Orion, Annu-Elohim, Annunaki, Jahova,

And the Andromeda’s rebel (prior Dias’ 2nd in command) Sabaeoth-Kronos-Saturn.


10.500 b.c. Atlantean Flood.

Warfare takes place between the ‘Moon’ Atlantians and the ‘Solar’ Atlantians against  the Dravidians-Atheneans in Aegeada, resulting in the sinking of Atlantis, due to the  misuse of technology involving the beaming of energies affected the density of the matter,  by Moon Drakonians and Luciferian Covenant’s entities.

-Hesiodos, Theogonoi

-Vedic indian Texts


Dias of ‘Uranides’/’Ouranides’ Galactic mission, Andromeda –Sirius B, would set up,  local Planetery Administrative Centre on Olympus, as three-parts function  (Iolkos-Delos-Pergammos, under Hera-Apollon-Dias), based upon the Earth’s planetary workings, of the three Dodecahedrons.

(see Diagram)




Hera                       Apollon                   Dias

Technologies           Good Arts               Sciences


Iolkos-                     Delos                       Pergammos

Lower dodecahedron    Central Dodecahedron  Upper Dodecahedron

Female-Left Asterida/                                            Male- Right Asterida/

SwasticaBlack Sun                                                 SwasticaSun







The Arks ….and the ancient Priesthoods Oracle Centres

 this sequence for a geodetic oracle octave (see Fig. 25 below):


6.000 b.c.

Wars between the Gods and the Sons of God.

The Epic of Gilgamesh

The Flood of Gilgamesh

The first great  flood in between  Black Sea and Caspian Sea, after the flood ‘ stop holy book of  Zoroastrianism’ religion are written, that is why is called “Avesta”, which is meaning when water stopped

Gilgamesh war against Aga.

Gilgamesh made war with Aga, the son of En-men-barage-si, so they must have lived at the same time. Further is here another prove that at that time there was struggle (War) between the Gods and the Sons of God.

Gilgamesh became king of Unug about 6105 BCE.

Gilgamec, whose father was a phantom, the lord of Kulaba, ruled for 126 years.

In the poems of Gilgamesh is spoken that he was 2/3 God and 1/3 Human, he was the son of the Goddess Ninsun and Lugalbanda (a son of the Gods himself).




Black Sea, Caucasus Flood






After the flood, Black Sea and Caucasus.





Aegean Sea formation, after the Flood.








Black Sea, Caucasus, Tartarus Glaciers water ways, after the Black Sea water wars/flood.





Map of Eurasia, Africa, with the water pathways.



5.619 b.c. After Dias’ having been overthrown

a Diarchy function, of Sion/Tamil, Jahova and Sabaeoth/Kronos/Saturn, emerges 

based upon the Luciferian Covenant, by

Drakonians, Annu-Elohim, Kronian-Andromedan, with the

Earth’s  Planetary Administrative centre taken on Alps, Swiss-land.



Drakonian Kronian, Earth Planetary Hierarchy–Moon/Levan and Lilith

Namely of the masonic hyper-lodges of ‘ZEN’, ‘AOA’, ‘OTO’.


5060 b.c.

Svayambhuva,  Priyavrata

Fayyum A culture. Aryan Elam, Sumer and others return from India to Middle East.Yerihu (Jericho) Oasis Village, meaning friend of Hu (name of Mitra God) was the white people settlement before Afro-Asiatics conquered the region.


5000 b.c.

Aryan Ubaid Period.

People return to the Mesopotamia after the flood settled. Ubaidian White  people Start to establish settlements in between the rivers Tigris and Euphrates



3800. –

Mittani –Hittites Treaty

Suppiluliuma-Shattiwaza Treaty



3.470 b.c The Tower of Babel or the Babble on Massacre!Tower_of_babel.gifand the orchestrated scrabbling of languages , and the separation of the Earthians’ Proto-language into various different languages, i.e. Sanskrit, Greek, Latin etc.; known also as the confusion of the languages by gods’ warfare upon humanity.

The Babble on massacre involves the stealing of technology of the Arc of the Covenant  Gold Box which contained the

 ‘Rod and the Staff’ Star Gate tools, by different warfaring gods and their hybrids, from the Maji Grail Kings.

In conjunction with the Nibiruian-Diodic-Crystal-Grid, at Stonehedge, England, the Arcc Tools were used in Babylonia,  to cause temporary collapse of Earth’s Magnetic Grids, and to set portions of the Fire Letters-Sequences in Earth’s Planetary Shields, into reverse sequence.

Planetary Shield distortions of the 3.470 b.c. ‘Babble on Massacre’ caused mutation in the human DNA Template, that shortened Human-Life-Span, blocked Higher Sensory Perception, caused loss of race memory, and ‘scrambling’ of humanity’s original proto-language patterns, which are built upon DNA Template Fire Letter Sequencing.

Following the ‘Babble on Massacre’ or the Tower of Babel events, the Fallen Angels or ‘gods’ selected ‘chosen ones’ Annu-Melchizedek hybrid descendants for minimal DNA Template repair and implementation, as a ‘super race’, through which the Luciferian Annunaki of Annu-Elohim, and Drakonians from Drako A’ and E’ Bootes, and  Kronian-Andromedans  would use for control of the patriarchal Priesthoods and Brotherhoods, the nobles, monarchs, rulers and politicians, and by extention of the  religious-occultic-sociopolitical system through remote ‘channeling’ technology,

implants and psychotronics, and telepathic messaging for world subjucation and Earth take over.

-Voyager II (page 313), by Ashyanne Deanne

-The Ark's Missing Piece by William Henry


2920 B.C

Great Second Flood



2900 B.C

Priestly indifferences between Mithraism and Zoroastrianism religion.


1447 B.C.

The Cruthrie Celestial Objects.

The ‘Lampus’ celestial object fall on Dancalia, Sakkara, Ethiopia.

The ‘Phaedon’ celestial object fall on Eridanus river, Germany.


1259 B.C.

Kadesh Treaty between Egypt and Hittites (Hyksos),

Ramsey ii – Hatusili iii



Troy War


The Eight Hordes of the ‘Moon’ Atlanteans, of Luciferian Covenant.

Around 4.000 b.c. the first of the ‘Moon’ Atlantean Hordes, of Human-hybrids, of Anunnaki-Drakonians, emerges in Mongolia/ Siberiasteppes and  Casmir Altai mountains, to be used in their plans for Earth take over, by the

Drakonians/ Annunaki/Kronian Andromedans or by Sion/Tamil-Jahova Sabaeoth/Kronos/Saturn.
















1st Mogholian–Touranian Horde, of ‘Moon’ Atlanteans,-emerges around 4.000 b.c. as Adam and Eve, in The Steppes of Mogholia-Siberia, city of Urgar, and Casmir in Altai mountains.


2nd Mogholian –Touranian Horde --Under the name of Hyxos and Elamites in 2.200 b.c invade China, and unable to go on inwards and conquer areas in central China, they turned South-West, and invaded Assyria and Babylonia. 

In Babylonia would found the city of Ur or Ur-gur in honour of the Sion ‘god’, commander of Moon, and of the name of the city of their coming, of Urgur capital of Mogholia, todays Ulan-Bator.

Ur in Babylonia, is the city of origins of Habra-Han, Abra-han, or Abrahan, or Abraam, the father of Jacob, of Ismael, of Isaak and the bloodlines of David…

The Elamites, after revolution of the Assyro-Babylonians, would flee the area, and one group of them under Abrahan would go to Egypt, and another group would invade the Dravidian-Indians in today’s area of Arabia.


3rd  Mogholian –Touranian Horde--Under the name of Iapons would invade the Island of Ainou or indigenous Ionon of today’s Japan.

The Mogholians-Touranoi of Japan, in co-operation with the Bavarian Munich/Ming Hun Mogholians Otto or Othon Han, would produce the 1930’s Fascist/Nazist Axis against …themselves, or in other words also against the krypto-Mogholians of Europe, so under the use of the ‘Holocaust’ to create events that would lead towards the Earth’s and world’s subjucation;  eventually leading into being under the control of the Moon’s Drakonians (of Sion/Tamil and Kronian/Sabaeth) and Annunaki, elohim,  Jehova.


4th Mogholian –Touranian Horde--Under the name of Doreians, are coming from the south coast area of the Black Sea and invade the Balkans.

The Greek cities would fight them off, apart Sparta. They would then go on to invade Italy where they genocide the Greeks Ionians, Etrouskans Sabines, Latin Trojans and Sicilians, and they would found Rome.

The South Florentians are mainly Mogholian-Doreians, whom they created Fascism in cooperation with the Bavarian Munich/Ming Hun and the Japanese Mogholians-Iapon.

Venetians and Genoese and Pisans would maintain close trading inter-relationships with the Moghols, extending their monopoly networks in banking and trading and monopolised-global corporations from Britain up to the Bavaria, to the Black Sea, Mogholia, China, Korea and Japan, to India and Persia, and North Africa,  as well as in today’s America.

Doreians’ Sparta would then be used to fight against the other Greek cities. The Sparta of Lacedaimon  Menelao is corrupted , becoming the Barbarian Sparta of Lycourgos, whom would go on to inter-exchange ambassadors with the Priesthoods of the Melchizedeks in Salem, (today’s Jerusalem), and also correspondence of ‘national identity’ (Mogholian-Doreians) , as it is narrated in the books of Makkabaians A’ and B’, of the Bible.


5th Mogholian –Touranian Hord --Under the name of Unnoi and with leader Attila or ‘Atl’, namely the ‘Atlantian’, they settle in Anatolia, or Eastern Greece (nowadays Turkey), in Bulgaria, in Bavaria/Munich/Ming Hun and genocide the indigenous Dravidian European races.


6th Mogholian –Touranian Horde --Under the name of Urgs or Uggrs (Hungarians) and with leader Jenkins Han/Khan/Hun/Khoen, they invade the areas as known today of, as Hungary, Finland, previous Letonia, Estonia, and other areas in today’s Russia. They genocide the indigenous Dravinians, Pelasgians population, and especially the Rus and Thouvalians, the descendants of Pelasgian Skythian, or today’s Leykorussians, as well as the Greek Skythians in Balkans.


7th Mogholian –Touranian Horde --Under the name of Seltzouks they aide the Turko-Moggolians of the 5th Horde of nowadays Turkey, and conquer what is known today of as  Albania where they genocide the Greek race of Illyrians.


8th Mogholian –Touranian Horde -- Under Tamerlane

try to find way towards Europe, … due to conflicting inter-Mogholian orders from brotherhoods/priesthoods, are diverted by the Turks-Mogholians of the 6ths and 7ths Hordes eastwards, to China…

There, they turn Eastwards and conquer China with the help of the Moggolian Mantsukuo, prior Manchuria.

The descendants of the 6th Horde, went towards the West and conquered the nowadays Britain, where they would have many wars with the Scots and Irish.

From then on they continued their Luciferian Covenant, Atlantean Conspiracy, or Babylonian Plan, with their ‘discovery’ of America and other lands,…in the East and Pacific areas, made as colonies, and then with their wwi and wwii and their transfer of the looted wealth, Nazi loot and Asia loot, to East (in Phillipines) and with the global drug empire’s operations Sunrise and AmAdius under Paperclip operation, would implement  the Nazisto-Communism Psychopolitics Thought Theology, as  occultic sociopolitical religion system,  with psychopolitical spiritual warfare, via Technotronics/Psychotronics, as  a merger of the genetics’ Nazi technologies, and communist manifesto of Psycho-Political Thought-Theology, occultic-religion….which would bring the  emergence of Orwellianism , and/or the

Psychotronics-occultic MK Ultra mind control,  and the Cyborgs or

Cybernetic organisms and/or Transhumans, or human-spiritual machines;

namely beings that combine biological and artificial (electronic, mechanical, or robotic) parts. The Cybernetic,  Transhumanist, human-spiritual machine.



848.000 Annu Treaty—

Human Seeding- on Earth

Treaty between the Palaidorians of the Sirian Council/Eiyanni Council, Lyrans Elohei-Elohim and the Fallen Angels of the Annu Elohim, (Enki and Enlil father, the Annunaki), and their allies Drakonians of Drako A’, after the Post Electric InterDimensional, InterGalactic, and InterPlanetary Wars.

The Treaty involving the creating of Seeding-3 of Humans, with the Elohei-Elohim of Lyra, as the main group intermediating between the Annu-Elohim of god Annu Fallen Angels and the Sirian Council of the Eiyanni Council of the Central Race/Source, in D13-D15.



Sumerian Kings List --  circa

450.000 b.c. -- 2.000 b.c.

The Life Span in terms of the gods and demi-gods, kings rulers, is very different and that as well due to the affect on the DNA that the Fall of Man had, from ther ascension and Rise of Man era to Higher Dimensional levels.


Rule of the Gods (Anunnaki), Kings in Heaven

Eridug, the first city mentioned, is the city of the water god Enki/Ea (one of the triad of Gods in the Sumerian pantheon, see chapter 9). It was probably situated in the extreme south of Mesopotamia near the sea or a lagoon. Probably Eri-dugga, "good city", at the mounds of Abu-Sharain but the exact location has never been found.

According to some Sumerian traditions, Eridug was the first city built by man. It was the home of Adapa, the so-called Babylonian Adam.



433,578 - 271,578 BC

King Alorus

(claimed to be god An or Annu, of the Annu Elohim, the Fallen Angels of the Lyran Wars, that destroyed the Star  Lyra Aramatena in D12 and Aveyon in D11, and that is now seen to us as the Vegas Star in D10, and of the InterGalactic, Electric Wars involving our galaxy and our solar system, and the Earth--- and of the Annu Treaty) -- ruled for 162,000 years.

The house of An was called ‘Duranki’, the ‘temple of Enlil’ was called ‘E-kur’.



270.000 b.c.

Enlil and Enki,

sons of Anu genetic programs on Earth; more specific on Atlantis and also later in Lake Tzana Ethiopia and South Africa (Enki laboratories), and in Caucasus (Enlil Laboratories),

involving the hybridization of genetic material taken from them, as the ‘gods’,  with the use of the seven upper DNA strands 7-12 of their genome, and merging them with the five lower DNA strands 1-5, of the indigenous Humans on Earth.

From 270.000 – 75.000 b.c. , and  eventually, after five genetic upgrading, each upgrading activating each of the DNA strands in sequency from 1 to 5, and with each upgrading corresponding to what is known as Neanderthal, Cro-Magnum 1, Cro-Magnum 2, Cro-Magnum 3, Cro-Magnum 4, and Homo-Sapiens or Annu Melchizedeks,  (the emerged hybrids of Annunaki, between indigenous Humans from Seedings 1,2,3 and the gods’ Enki and Enlil DNA genomes).


 271578 - 242778 BC

King Alulim,

city of Eridu, ruled for  28,800 years


242778 - 206778 BC

King Alaljar,

city of Eridu, ruled for 36,000 years


Rule of the Gods (Anunnaki), Kings in Heaven

From the City of Bad-tibira

A city probably located on the Sumerian Plain roughly between Ur and Lagash. Dumuzid was it’s tutelary deity.


206778 - 163578 BC

King En-men-lu-ana,

city of Bad-Tibira, ruled for 43,200 year


163578 - 134778 BC         

King En-men-gal-ana,

city of Bad-Tibira, ruled for 28,800 years


134778 - 98778 BC           

King Dumuzid

city of Bad-Tibira, ruled for 36,000 years

Rule of the Gods (Anunnaki), Kings in Heaven

From the City of Larag (Larak)

About 98778 - 68978 BC.

The location of Larag has not been positively identified, but is believed to have been on the Tigris, east of Kic (Kish). The city was dedicated to Pabilsag, the god of trees


98778 - 69978 BC

King En-sipad-zid-ana,

city of Larag ruled for 28,800 years


Rule of the Gods (Anunnaki), Kings in Heaven

From the City of Zimbir (Sippar)

About 69978 - 48978 BC.

Sippar’s tutelary deity was Utu (Semitic Shamash), the sun-god and the god of justice.

It is said that the secrets of divination were shown to a king of Sippar, also by divine revelation. Gods make their will, intentions and answers known to the people by supernatural means: numerous omens and signs that needed explanation. The exegesis of omens was seen as a discipline ('science’) to inquire the gods. It was an official institution, used by the king to collect information. No decision of any importance was taken without proper consulting. The sun god Utu is in particular connected with the discipline of divination. He is in a position to oversee everything, so also the future.

It was probably the most northern of the Sumerian cities But also as all cities before. The exact location has never been found.


69978 - 48978 BC

King En-men-dur-ana,

city of Zimbir ruled for 21,000 years              


Rule of the Gods (Anunnaki), Kings in Heaven

From the City of Curuppag (Shuruppak, Uruppak)

About 48978 - 30378 BC

Curuppag is probably a city on the banks of the Euphrates, near modern Fara.

The last king of Curuppag was the hero in the Flood story Ziusudra, the Sumerian Noah. He was a prince or noble of the town, possibly the son of Ubara-tutu. It is also possible that he did rule as king. Shuruppak was dedicated to Ansud, the goddess of grain. She was also known as Sud and as Enlil’s consort Ninlil.


48978 - 30378 BC

King Ubara-Tutu,

 city of Curuppag ruled for 18,600 years       


Together they ruled for 432,000 years before the Flood (120 Sar)

-Eridug or Eridu


-Larag or Larak

-Zimbir or Sippar

-Curuppag or Shuruppak



These Kings represented the five cities before the Great Flood. While in Eridu Kings from Heaven reigned for 64,800 years before the Flood




Lemuria, Mu Continent




Pan/Wagga – Lemuria Continent Map








Thailand, Vietnam, Campodia, Indonesia Map, at various eras




The Lemurian Flood

Some claim, based upon the Sumerian Kings List that the Flood took place about 30,378 BC.

According to the book of OHASPE, this was circa 24.000 b.c.; That is SYNOPSIS OF SIXTEEN CYCLES, Of three thousand years each, in the words of Jehovih's angel Embassadors. (Page 95)  Submersion of the continent of Pan in the Pacific Ocean, commonly call, THE FLOOD. This brings history to twenty-four thousand years ago.

…..the Wagga tongue was Zha'Pan, which is the same country that is to this day called Japan, signifying RELICT OF THE CONTINENT OF PAN, for it lay to the north, where the land was cleaved in twain.


Fragapatti, in the name of Jehovih, came to have divisions of the earth,

Jaffeth on the east and north, by the sea and to the ice regions, and on the west to the mountains of Oh'e'loo, which shall be called the first division.

Shem, in the east and south, water and water, and to the west, the highlands of E'zar; second division.

Arabin'ya, in the south land encompassed by the sea. Third division.

Heleste, in the north of Arabin’ya the first country of the brown red, bordering on Shem and Jaffeth on the east, and extending half way to the sea on the west. Fourth division.

Uropa shall be Goddess of the west part, and it shall be called after her. Fifth division.

North Guatama and South Guatama the two great west lands in west (America). Sixth division.

 Oce'ya, all the islands of the earth, and the waters of the earth shall be called Oce'a, signifying, in likeness of the earth and sky. Seventh division.

For the seven divisions of the earth there shall be seven rulers of the rank Lord God; and for South Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for North Oce'ya, one ruler of the rank Lord; and for Japan (Zha'pahn), one ruler of the rank sub-God.


After the Lemurian Flood

Kings after the FloodThe Lesser Gods (Igigi) era


The First Dynasty of Kic

 About 30378 - 5868 BC.

Kic or Kish is most likely the same as Nibru, the city mentioned in a lot of Sumerian tablets it is also possible that Nibru and Nippur are the same city.

After the flood the Gods came back to Earth and build a "new" home for themselves called: Nippur.

It is possible that the place where Nippur was build was the location of the Antediluvian city of Zimbir. Nippur was the religious capital of Sumer and holy for the Sumerians, being the home of the supreme god Enlil on Earth. Some of the believers in an archaic democracy think that Nippur was a sort of "federal capital" with delegates from every city going there to elect a king in times of war. The house of An was called "Duranki", the "temple" of Enlil was called "E-kur". In later chapter about Nibiru I will explain more details about the so named "E-kur". As long as the Gods were on Earth, Nippur was a forbidden zone for Humans.

After the flood had swept over, and the kingship had descended from heaven, the kingship was in Kic.

After The Flood, kingship was handed down from Heaven a second time, this time to the city of Kish which became the seat of kingship

Kic or Kish is most likely the same as Nibru, the city mentioned in a lot of Sumerian tablets it is also possible that Nibru and Nippur are the same city but that is not proven yet.

Kish was the first city to gain control "after the deluge" gaining overlord ship over all of Sumer.

Sumer was unified in name, with all the city-states recognizing Kish as their overlord, in words if not in deeds.

In fact, each city was independent and usually merely paid Kish lip service and the occasional tribute.

Later kings used the title "King of Kish" to legitimize their rule. King of Kish came to mean imperial control or overlord ship.

The King of Kish seems to have been given the control of Nippur by default. This looks not so strange.

The tutelary deity of Kish was Zababa, the warrior god, another name for Ninurta (Ningirsu) (Ninurta was the God Yahweh in the Bible and the God who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah in later times).

All the kings of the period from the flood to historical age ruled in Kish About half of them have Semitic names, meaning that Semites were established in Sumer, or at least the northern part, even at this ancient date and that not all interaction between the two groups was hostile. There is reason to believe that the kings were historical.



Kings ruled from the city of Kic


30378 - 29178 BC

King Jucur  ruled for 1,200


 29178 - 28218 BC

King Kullassina-bel  ruled for 960


28218 - 21518 BC

King Nanjiclicma ruled for  6,700


21518 - 21098 BC

King En-tarah-ana ruled for 420


 21098 - 20798 BC

King Babum ruled for 300


20798 - 19958 BC

King Puannum ruled for 840


19958 - 18998 BC

King Kalibum ruled for 960


18998 - 18158 BC

King Kalumum for 840


18158 - 17258 BC

King Zuqaqip/b  ruled for 900


 17258 - 16658 BC

King Atab ruled for 600


16658 - 15818 BC

King Macda  for 840


15818 - 15098 BC

King Arwium ruled for 720


 15098 - 13598 BC

King Etana (the shepherd) ruled for 1,500


13598 - 13198 BC

King Baliih ruled for 400


13198 - 12538 BC

King En-me-nuna ruled for 660


12538 - 11638 BC

King Melem-Kic ruled for 900


11638 - 10438 BC

King Barsal-nuna ruled for 1,200


10438 - 9798 BC

King Zamug  ruled for 640


9798 - 9493 BC

Tizqar ruled for 305


9493 - 8593 BC

Ilku ruled for 900


8593 - 7393 BC

Iltasadum ruled for 1,200


7393 - 6493 BC

En-men-barage-si ruled for 900.

In the ‘history of Tummal En-men-barage-si, the king, built the Iri-nanam in Enlil’s temple.

Aga, son of En-me-barage-si, made the Tummal flourish and brought Ninlil (the spouse of Enlil) into the Tummal. Then the Tummal fell into ruins for the first time (War between the Gods and Half-Gods).


6493 - 5868 BC

Aga ruled for 625

Aga’s war against Gilgamesh.

The Flood of Gilgamesh era, in Black Sea and Caucasus area.

The Gilgamesh Flood, and the Gilgamesh Epic

In the Epic of Gilgamesh, both Aga and Gilgamesh lived at the same time because Aga came from Kic to Gilgamesh at Unug to ask him to finish digging wells together. Gilgamesh first refuse and made war with Aga. Gilgamesh is victorious but set Aga free to go back to Kic.


All above Kings were Gods and Children of Gods

Because of the fights between the Gods and the Half-Gods on Earth at that period the Gods decided to retrieve in the background and called the Gods on Earth back to E-ana, the home base of the Gods. (E-ana was by the Sumerians called "the house of the Gods", lowered down from heaven, a "cloudbank" resting on the earth).

This so named "cloudbank" was in my theory a space shuttle, a spaceship with as home base the mother ship or planet "Nibiru"

The Gods had afterwards a long time a control function on the Earthly half-Gods and their children. This is the period in which religion by Humans was born.



The period of the Half-Gods  in the Bible mentioned the Children of God


The First Dynasty of Unug (Uruk)


About 6850 - 4561 BC

 It is claimed that Unug was build by mission of the Gods to separate the Godly city of Kic from their offspring with Humans and the Sons of Gods.


 The Gods of Kic and their offspring dwelled there until they finally were defeated by Sargon I in 2,461 BCE.


The first dynasty of Unug


6850 - 6525 BC

Mec-ki-aj-gacir, who build Unug

 ruled for 325


6525 - 6105 BC

King Enmerkar

 Ruled for 420


about 6500 BC

Lugalbanda (the shepherd), Lord of Kulaba *

 Ruled for 1,200


about 6200 BC

Dumuzid (the fisherman), King of Kuara *

 Ruled for 100


6105 - 5979 BC

Gilgamec lord of Unug ruled for 126

Gilgamesh made war with Aga, the son of En-men-barage-si, so they must have lived at the same time. Further is here another prove that at that time there was struggle (War) between the Gods and the Sons of God.

Gilgamesh became king of Unug about 6105 BCE.

Gilgamec, whose father was a phantom, the lord of Kulaba, ruled for 126 years.

In the poems of Gilgamesh is spoken that he was 2/3 God and 1/3 Human, he was the son of the Goddess Ninsun and Lugalbanda (a son of the Gods himself).



5979 - 5949 BC

Ur-lungal  Ruled for 30


5949 - 5934 BC Udul-kalama

 Ruled for 15


5934 - 5925 BC

La-ba’cum, ruled for 9 years


5925 - 5917 BC

En-nun-tarah-ana  uled for 8 years


5917 - 5881 BC

King Mec-he (the smith) ruled for 36 years


5881 - 4981 BC

Melem-anna Ruled for 900


4981 - 4561 BC

Lugal-kitun  Ruled for 420


The First Dynasty of Unug (Uruk)

About 6850 - 4561 BC

Unug is claimed that was build by mission of the Gods to separate the Godly city of Kic from their offspring with Humans and the Sons of Gods.


The Gods of Kic and their offspring dwelled there until they finally were defeated by Sargon I in 2,461 BCE.


Some scholars believe that Unug originally was named E-ana.

For some other scholars this is misunderstanding because the temple in Unug, dedicated to An, had the same name.


The first king of Unug (Mec-ki-aj-gacer) was the builder of the city. Enmerkar, his son, build a wall around the city of Unug in the time there were several Wars between the Gods and the Sons of Gods. Maybe that’s the reason why Uruk had two patron deities,

--the heaven god An and

--the fertility goddess Inanna (Ishtar).



---The oldest known writing was found in the temples at Uruk.

The kings of Unug eventually overthrow Kic and took or used the title of King of Kish.

As it is said, the first five Kings ruled together with at least the last two kings of the First Godly Kingship of Kic.

--In E-ana, the son of Utu, Mec-ki-aj-gacer Meskiaggasher became lord and king; he ruled for 324 years.

---Mec-ki-aj-gacer entered the sea and disappeared.




 The first dynasty of Unug starts from the house of the Gods "E-ana".


 Is it possible that Mec-ki-aj-gacer was chosen by the Gods to build a city on Earth again (after the War of the Gods) to separate the Gods in Kic from the Half-Gods and the Children of God and Men ?.


Could it be possible that he is the same as the Biblical Enoch?.

If this is the truth then Utu, the Sun God, must be the same as the father of Enoch, namely Yared and Enmerkar must be the same as Methuselah.


In that case the writers of The Bible mixed up the names of the Earth-fathers because Noah lived long before Mec-ki-aj-gacer,

the Enoch of the Bible.


(According to the book of OHASPE, the Flood of Lemuria happened when the Earth was rotating around the Sun, on the space-location called the Arc of Noah. Noah being a space locality that the Earth and the Solar system rotate around, being part of the Orion Fields).




Ancient Vimanas – and motion prototype workings.

Αρχ. αεροσκαφη "Βιμανας" με ελληνική τεχνολογία προώθησηςντιπεριστρεφόμενων σπειρωμάτων"

See Vymanika Shastra by Baradwaja Narada

The Vimanika Shastra English translation by G.R. Josyer [1973]

                                                     Ionic Type ‘Kionas’ – Counterrotating ‘Speires’


Vimana Drawing – Motion Prototype workings/functions


Ancient artifacts. ...makes you think!ANCIENT statue of someone wearing a protective suite with what appears to be high tech. Equipment. WHO MADE THIS? WHAT IS THE MESSAGE THAT THEY LEFT HERE FOR HERE THOUSANDS YEARS AGO FOR THE FUTURE GENERATIONS ON PLANET EARTH!? WHAT DO YOU SEE?? WHAT DO YOU THINK?? WHAT DO WE KNOW??

ANCIENT statue of someone wearing a protective suite with what appears to be high tech. Equipment.


The Hollow Earth and the Tunnels from the outer Earth that are there created and leading into the Inner Earth, since ancient times.

Gardner, Geographical apparatus, 1914


A 'map' of the Inner Earth



Places in the Inner Hollow Earth.


Inner Earth hemisphere mapAsgard 2

Inner Earth, land and oceans



Inner Earth and Outer Shell of Earth


Agharta and Shambalha;

the Subterranean cities of the Hollow Earth.

Agharta---The word "Agharta" is of Buddhist origin. It refers to the Subterranean World or Empire in whose existence all true Buddhists fervently believe. They also believe that this Subterranean World has millions of inhabitants and many cities, all under the supreme domination of the subterranean world capital, Shamballah, where dwells the Supreme Ruler of this Empire, known in the Orient as the King of the World…


A  map of the Agharty global tunnel system in inner Earth


                                                       The Underground City of Derinkuyu

                                               The underground city of Sion, from the Matrix movies




North Pole _Inner Earth


North Pole


South Pole Opening.

The Hollow Earth entrance No 2 in Antarctica as shown in the satellite




Ocean Floor Antarctica


Bucegi Mountains


bucegi_sphinxBucegi MountainTunnels in Rumania, heading towards three different areas on Earth for thousands of kilometres.

The right one connected to a similar structure inside of a mountain placed on the Tibetan Plateau, to the Lake Rakshastal and Lake Manarasarovar in Tibet Tunnels; and to the mountain Kailash Tunnels in India, where the Earth's Eye is found. This one was smaller though and not so complex.

Secondary ramifications of the latter tunnel led towards an area under Buzau, close to the Carpathians’ curve, and then towards a subterranean assembly in Iraq that is close to Baghdad. The latter also had a secondary ramification that led to the Gobi Plateau in Mongolia.


The left one connected to Egypt in a secret place under the sand. This was next to Cairo on the Giza Plateau and was located between the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid.








A doorway radiating energy with 3 tunnels by the Giza Sphinx, portrayed on an ancient parchment in Egypt.




Schematics, Tunnels, and Chambers

Max Fyfield showing the inner passages and chambers of the great pyramid.

Some of the deepest cave systems in the Caucasus Mountains


Ggantija Temple, Malta

The Gigantija Temple, seen from above. Gigantija was so named as the legends surrounding the temple said that the stones were so huge, the walls so high, and the complex so massive, it could only have been built by giants. Note the curved walls, imitating the ample curves of the "fat lady".
Image from The OTS Foundation.

Underwater, inner hollow earth ufo, space ships bases

ufo-pictures-30 SOURCE Public Domain

UFO Submerged



The Star Gates and Cue Sites.

Nibiruian Crystal Temple Bases, inner-underground Earth.


1.Star Gate 1 in Haley South Pole (Longitude 22W of Greenwich Meridian, and Latitude 75S of Equator)(close to Rainbow City of Nazi International in the South Pole Opening to the Inner Earth), connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 1, in Cyprus Island.(Star Gate 1 connect to Parallel Earth, Theta Orion and Mercury)

2.Star Gate 2 in Sarasota Florida - Bruah Atlantis, (longitude 83.5W, Latidute 27.3N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 2, of Easter Island.(Star Gate 2 connects to Inner Earth, Venus and Epsilon Eridanus).

3.Star Gate 3 in Bermuda Islands - Nohassa Atlantis, (longitude 65.3W, Latitude 32N) connected to inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 3,Johannesburg, South Africa. (Star Gate 3 connects to Earth, Venus and Alpha Centauri).

4.Star Gate 4 in Cairo, Giza, Egypt, (longitude 31.5E, Latitude 30N) connected to inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 4, in Aguascalientes, central Mexico. (Star Gate 4 connects to Sun, Mars and Nibiru).

5.Star Gate 5 in Macchu Pichu Peru (Longitude 73W, Latitude 12.3S) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 5, in Vatican City Rome Italy. (star gate 5 connects to Pleiadian Alcyone-Tara, to Tiamat, and Asteroid Belt (was Maldak).

6.Star Gate 6 in (near) Moscow, Russia (Longitude 37E, Latitude 55.3N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 6, in Thar Desert India. (star gate 6 connects to the Jupiter, Sirius B, Procyon, Sirius A).

7.Star Gate 7 in Lake Titicaca Peru (Longitude 69.8W, Latitude 15.5S) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 7, Paxoi Island, Greece. (star gate 7 connects to Saturn, Arcturus, Omega Centauri)

8.Star Gate 8 in Xian China (Longitude 108.5E, Latitude 34.3N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 8, in Taklamakan Lop-Nor Tibet. (star gate 8 connects to Uranus, Mintaka Orion, Alnitak Orion and Gaia Polaris).

9.Star Gate 9 in Bam Tso - Heiho Tibet (Longitude 92E, Latitude 32N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 9, in Westbury, South England. (star gate 9 connects to Neptune and Mirach-Andromeda).

10.Star Gate 10 in Abadan Iran (Longitude 49E, Latitude 30.8N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 10, in Al Basrah Iraq. (star gate 10 connects to Pluto, and Vega-Lyra).

11.Star Gate 11 in Vale of Pewsey South of England, Lohas Atlantis (Longitude 1.9W, Latitude 51.5N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 11, in Eye Island, South Ireland, Irish Sea. (star gate 11 connects to Nibiru, Aveyon-Lyra, Avalon-Lyra).

12.Star Gate 12 in Monsegur, South France (Longitude 1.8E, Latitude 42.8N) connected to the Inner Earth Star Gate Signet Cue Site 12, in Kauai Hawaii.(star gate 12 connects to Aramatena-Lyra, and Sun).


Image (2)2


Amenti Star-Gates, Planetary Arc of the Covenant Hub Gates and Cue Sites Locations List.pdf





Emblems, of various  Galactic, Intergalactic, Andromedan, Drakonian A, E’ Bootes  and InterUniversal/Cosmic Astro-Space Forces Hierarchy, and also in reference to the number of planetary size war SpaceShips of various dimensional-density matter make up.



Time Matrix























North Star view from Earth





Andromeda                                                DrakoA’(AlphaDrakonis) Drako           

   Sirius B-(Dog Star)                                                                Orion–Star Configuration





Giza Pyramid; Orion, Sirius---Drako A, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor.      


Antarean Conversion – Orion Archetype Gate.



Pleiadeian in Golden Ratio Spiral, formed Vortex.


Pleiades, Photonbelt

Masonic tracing board-Star of the Pleiades, Sun, Mars



Planet Mars.




Sun and the planets.

Sun Phalanx           Sun, Heliospheric Vortex and planetary vorteces, within it.


Golden Ratio Spiral, of Sun Phalanx, in 5 spins inwards, 7 spins outwards, forming the Heliospheric/Solar System Vortex.


Heart formation, as Sun’s Golden Ratio Spiral.







1.        About the glaciers closest to the time of 9.500b.c. see: 

2.        Agharta and Shambalha, the Subterranean cities of the Hollow Earth.

3.        Amenti Star-Gates, Planetary Arc of the Covenant Hub Gates and Cue Sites Locations List.pdf

4.        Amfigonia

5.                 Ancient Vimanas – and motion prototype workings.

                        Αρχ. αεροσκαφη "Βιμανας" με ελληνική τεχνολογία προώθησης    

                       ντιπεριστρεφόμενων σπειρωμάτων"

6.        AstroStrategics


B, C, D


7.        Drakonian Kronian, Earth Planetary Hierarchy – Moon/Levan and Lilith

Namely of the masonic hyper-lodges of ‘ZEN’, ‘AOA’, ‘OTO’.


8.        Exo Human- Ancient Underground Doomsday Shelters




9.        Giant Underground Stone Boxes Near The Pyramids (+) Exploring Tunnels  UNDER Giza Plateau



10.     ‘Helios’ by Ioannis Pasas ( Ηλιος, Ιωάννης Πασάς)



11.     Inner Earth and Realm of Agartha


J, K, L, M


12.     Mystery of Egypt: The first tunnel by Peter Moon



13.     Nibiru and the Subterranean Connection, by Greg Jenner

14.     Nibiruian Crystal Temple Bases---Star Gates and Signet Cue Sites

               Voyager II by Ashayana Deane

15.     North Pole _Inner Earth



16.     Ogygia, by Stageirites


Ωγυγία, Σταγειρίτηs



17.     Reconstruction of the Mediterranean Region from the Arrival of the Moon (&Lilith) in 20.000b.c. up to ~9.500b.c.



18.     Schematics, Tunnels, and Chambers

19.     Super-Wave



20.     The Ark's Missing Piece by William Henry

21.     The Arks ….and the ancient Priesthoods Oracle Centres-

22.     The Atlantis has sank....What About the Atlantians????

23.     The Hollow Earth entrance No 2 in Antarctica as shown in the satellite

24.     The Eight Hordes of the ‘Moon’ Atlanteans, of Luciferian Covenant.

25.     The Luciferian Covenant

Voyager II (page 313), by Ashyanne Deanne

26.     The Tower of Babel or Babble on Massacre events

Voyager II (page 313), by Ashyanne Deanne

27.      The Secret of Secrets. The Bucegi Mountain Secrets. By Simon Day.

28.     Transylvanian Sunrise by Peter Moon

29.     True-Pro-Historic History. Chrono-diagramma of Planetary History since the beginning of the Eight Galactic Mission of ‘Uranides’ – and Moon arrival in  Solar System.’


U, , V, W


30.     What NASA’s  Μυθωδία’…  is hiding, and of Vaggelis      

                Papathanasiou at the Columns   of the Olympian Dias

                ΜΥΘΩΔΙΑ: ΜΥΘΟΣ+ΩΔΗ ή ως ΜΥΘΟΣ+ΔΙΑΣ

                Τι κρύβει η Μυθωδία… της NASA και του Βαγγέλη Παπαθανασίου   

                 στις στήλες Ολυμπίου Διός;



31.     Where do we come from by Dr. Ernst Muldashev


X,  Y,  Z





Phonons and Photons,

Light & Logos,Picture

And the energies of the Universe;  the Holy Grail Cup, upon which the

Golden Resurrected Christos Seed - Atoms  being formed,

carrying within the Tree of Life-Genetics, and The Tree of Knowledge,  the phonons and vibrational freequencies of cosmic life experiences in interdimentional interaction;

According to Christian mythology, the Holy Grail was the dish, plate, or cup used by The Holy Grail Cup Jesus at the Last Supper, said to possess miraculous powers.

The connection of Joseph of Arimathea with the Grail  legend dates from Robert de Boron's Joseph d'Arimathie (late 12th century) in which Joseph receives the  Grail from an apparition of Jesus;

-What was the holy grail?

-Cosmic Map --- resurrected Christos Seed Atoms


Tzana - the Human Gene;

the ‘Tzana’ Lake Ethiopia, and the Caucasus’s tribe ‘Tzana’ (tzanoi, plural of tzana), the two places that is said to had been the Enlil’s and Enki’s genetic life-designing laboratories, where Lulu said to have given her genome for the designed Human-Annunaki  hybrids;

symbolically, these two places said to be where the ovaries of the Earth (female planet) are, and which with the Earth’s birthing Canal, the g-spot,

the womb, being in the Red Sea, the Suez Canal, Arabia, to the Indian Sea.   


ChristoPhoroi’, Soter/Soteras or Saviour the Messiah, and Theotokos the Virgin Mary (from the Artemis’ Priesthood and the cult of ChristoPhoratoi, the ‘Christianoi’  in Ephesus;


the Constantine’s Nicea Council … and the Palaiologoi— Artemis being the sister of god Apollo whose Temples were to be found in Isle of Leuce/Hyperborean in Black Sea,  Dacia, Caucasus and Delos).

ChristoPhoroi (later being the Crusaders, and/or the Civalry Apostolic Knights of Rhodes, forming the Jesuits ‘Company’, nobility bloodlines) as the barers of the ‘Christos’ or the ‘Christ Resurrected Seed’, the Soter or Soteras, (hence the ‘eSOTERic’ aspect in religion) the Saviour or Messiah of the Ephesians/Nicea, of the Artemis Priesthood in Ephesos; being called  ‘Christianoi’, the cult of the Priesthood of goddess Artemis in Ephesos,

(Chrysos + Istos = Christos or Christ, literally the web of monatomic Gold contained in DNA’s  Merkaba fields that upon activation, the energies being holographically projected,  get extended and dimensionally interconnected,  forming the ‘Photagogia’ or etheric ‘Halo’).


Upon their dealings with the Apostles,  i.e.

Paul/Saul/Peter, John, Magdalene and Mary, with whom they taught in Smyrni, Ephesos, they came to form what is called the ‘Christianoi’ sect with

Artemis becoming the ‘Theotokos’ or ‘Virgin Mary’,  eventually causing the Essene Divide, amongst the Priesthood.



Christ the ‘Golden Resurrected Christos Seed’ –   held in atoms which are being formed, from the various celestial bodies’ essences which are contained within vorteces created  from the ‘vorticity in time’ process, that these celestial bodies are going through while are spirally spinning in rotation, around other greater celestial bodies or stellar systems, and in a time-matrix formation, in various Space-localities.

These essences that emerged from the celestial bodies while in ‘vorticity in time’ process and held in the various formed vorteces, are carrying within, the Tree of Life-Genetics, and The Tree of Knowledge,  the phonons and vibrational frequencies of cosmic life experiences in interdimentional interaction;

and out of which the various genomes, DNA strands and the frequences held within them, are created by the life designers, and or the designers of celestial being, including the humans.



The Mer Ovee, Magdalene, Magnetism and

De Metre-Electr(a)on, Electricism.

the Holy Grail Cup –the Womb of Universe, with the ElectroMagnetic energies forming the golden resurrected Christ seed, holding the Tree of Life/Genetics  and The Tree of Knowledge/the cosmic life experiences in interdimentional interaction, evolution and ascenting, out of which Sophia/Wisdom emergies;

of the Electro/Magnetic energies that spirally spun in rotational vorteces, making  the ‘faio’,  the ‘faia ousia’ or ‘grey matter’, comprising the regions in the brain and spinal cord/medulla; from the third’s eye pine glands—where the energies in Hierophant are met, in crown chakra-- to the spinal cord /medulla of the neurons system, and is consisting largely of nerve cell bodies, synapses and dendrites, involved in the neural networks of information processing, that form conceptual data, into information/intelligence/Sophia/wisdom;

and with the Golden resurrected Christos Seed, after having been formed, being birthed out of Maria or Mari’s Canal water currents.

In the Biblical tale, like Jesus born from Mary, or Maria, from where Marine, or water comes from, became rendered through Oannes/Ioannes/Jonah/John, who

allegorically did the same exploit inside the Womb/Tomb of the world's largest sea Mammal

The Pagan Origin of Jesus and Christianity

from TheChristianEnterprise

-Mary Magdalene: Da Vinci Code Group,


Maria’,Mari the water out of which the formed resurrected Seed as embryo is birthed, in its coming out of the Canal.  

Maria, Mari being the

moving water currents in the banks, and hence upon which the whole currency and banking and maritime system is based upon, on the Gold found in the resurrected Christ Seed, the coating of the Merkaba field of the DNA Strands. Maria, Mari , the water which is equated with the Virgin-

Ur Madonna 5000–4000 BCE1    Aphrodite Mari, Marina, who brought all the fish in the sea. The wholly See. And Fish-Ichthys as symbol, is the portrayal at times of the Christ. Inside the Vescica, in the waters which was superimposed on Mary’s or Maria’s belly and obviously represented her womb, just as in the ancient symbolism of the goddess.

Goddess Mari (known by many names)


Sophia and Grigorian,  the marriage,to the, of the

Fallen Angels,

in St. Constantine.

'The Arrogant Archon and the Lewd Sophia: Jewish Traditions in Gnostic Revolt' in. Layton..DIMANT, D.

The Fallen Angels in the Dead Sea Scrolls and in Apocryphal and Pseud epigraphic Tyndale Bulletin 29

(1978) 143-175.




 By Edwin M. Yamauchi


Ioannes-OannesDagon, coming out of the cleansing waters, later symbol the Baptism in the Waters by Ioannes or John the Baptist;

he has been identified with Odacon, described by Berossus as ‘having the same complicated form between a fish and a man’ Oannes, the being who first instructed the Mesopotamians in the arts of civilisation;

 their fishlike form is connected with their origin in the waters of space -- spiritual beings taking human form and appearing out of the deeps of cosmic ether.

The Utukku were categories of genii of both good and evil aspect, and there appears to have been a benign grouping of these called the ‘seven wise ones’; they wore fish fish-god Dagon  robes, and carried water buckets and spriniders for the purpose of ritual purification –water cleansing, or baptism.

 They gave rise to a class of exorcist priests, called Ashipu, who were similarly attired. These were the representatives of the god of wisdom and magic, known to the Sumerians as Enki; to the Babylonians as Ea; later introduced to the Greeks as Oannes, by Berossus.

ADAPA---‘It is now known that the name is the Greek form of the Babylonian Uanna (or Uan) a name used for Adapa in texts from the Library of Ashurbanipal’.

 Adapa - son of Ea, priest in Eridu. Also known as Uan (Oannes), the first of the Seven Sages, who brought the arts and skills of civilization to mankind.

Glossary of Deities…Adapa.’ (p. 317).

 - K. van der Toorn, Bob Becking, Pieter Willem van der Horst: Dictionary of deities and demons in the Bible Edition 2, revised, B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1999-

-Oannes-Dogon, Cleansing waters and Baptism

--Stephanie Dalley. Myths From Mesopotamia:

Creation, The Flood, Gilgamesh, And Others.

New York & Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1991).



Apostolics’ and the Rhodos-


The Rhodes’ Seven Trusts.

The Apostolic Knights, of Jesus’ Company, in Rhodes’ (pomegranate) Seven Trusts, and twelve (plus one)  bloodlines;

the Cilvaric Horsemen  (Moggolian –Touranian skill of the Eight Hordes of the ‘Moon’ Atlanteans)  Knights, the ChristoPhorian Crusaders.

Madonna of the (Rhodo) Pomegranate or

Virgin and Child with Seven Angels; the angels and Mary,  themselves become the supportive structure.

The seed of the (Rhodo) pomegranate the infant is holding, as the resurrected Christ Seed that through the Tree of Life-Genetics and its nurturing Tree of Knowledge with cosmic inter-dimensional blending experience, rebirths just as the seed will cause the birth of a new plant.

The Rhodo-

Pomegranate is the mystic fruit of the Eleusinian rites.

Pomegranate fruit, whole and cutThe Seeds of Pomegranate

(Rhodo), as a symbol of the resurrected Christ Seed in the

Holy Grail Cup – the Universe’s Womb Magdalene-DeMetre,

in nurture of the Electro Magnetic energies, in torsion, fission fusion, spiral spun rotational vorteces.

 [Masonry came to Northern Africa and Asia Minor from the lost continent of Atlantis, not under its present name but rather under the general designation Sun, which contained the seeds of the new human race, as seeds of the Rhodo or Pomegranate. (Hence the Rhodes Trusts of the Cecil Rhodes’ Venice’s Pallavacinis agent, its origins in Apostolic chivalric (Moggolian –Touranian

skill of the Eight Hordes of the ‘Moon’ Atlanteans)

Knights going to Rhodes/Rhodos or Pomegranate

from Acre,  as symbol of the golden resurrected Christ Seed, formed with the Tree of Life/genetics and the Tree of Knowledge,

in Mer Ovee,  Magdelene’s Womb- as the De Metre, E/M of the  Holy Grail Cup, the Womb of the Universe, and out of the universe’s electromagenetic energies).

Among the ancient Mysteries…pomegranate capitals

were placed upon the pillars of Jachin and Boaz standing in front of King Solomon's Temple; and by the order of Jehovah, pomegranate blossoms were embroidered upon the bottom of the High Priest's ephod and Fire Worship]

-Sandro Botticelli--Madonna of the Pomegranate

-The Secret Teachings Of All Ages.pdf by Manly Hall.


The Source/Central Race, and the Lucifer defection

along with one third of the Follower Angels of the Universe’s Cosmic Construct, in Galaxy Messier M51, along with their created hybrids, the Animus race.  (see Neruda interviews No 4,

On Lucifer-Angelic Warfare at the end of the page)



The Source/Central Race, the Eiyanni Sirian Council, and the Lyran Wars, the Emeralds Palaidorians, Elohim, and the various Fallen Angels in Orion Fields.


The Lyran Wars of

Elohim/Seraphim/Braharama, in D12/D11/D10 Aramatena, Aveyon, Dimensional Space_localities,

their Star exploding due to these wars (now this area is seen as Vegas/D10), and the D12 Star Gate re-construction, for entering to the central race, and /or as connection to the gate of gods.

The creation by the central race, Eiyanni Sirian Council, and as Lyrans-Palaidorians

of the Humans race as guards of these doors to the gods;

and the resulted warfare by the fallen angels against the humans so to gain control of the D12 Star Gate, entering to the central race….

and therefore, the emergence of this warfare on Earth, fighting for the control of the Star Gates, or the Doors to Gods, and also InterGalactically, InterPlanetary and in the Orion Fields (see the Orion Betelgeuse exploding Star affect, due to the magnetic biosphere destruction, from these electric wars on the Orion Fields, between the various Fallen Angels groups and the allies of the central race/Source).


The Fallen Angels on Earth,

Cellular Apoptosis & BioRegenesis

and Gold, Drugs and Immortality.


Angelic Warfare, Lucifer, Elohei-Elohim, Annu-Elohim, Annunaki and Drakonians on Earth.


The Annu Treaty in 848.000 years ago;

Annu’s sons Enlil/Jahova  and Enki, and their laboratories on Earth; their Atlantean-Egyptian Priesthoods,

the Atun and Atum Atlantean-Egyptian Priesthoods.

The Atom and The Monad, as the Atlantis_Egypt’s Atum and Amun, Priesthoods of Enlil and Enki, of Anu.

Enoch’s genetics fusion of the various Enlil’s and Enki’s hybrids, Atlantean/Egyptian, Sumerian, deities/demi-gods/kings, and the creation of  the hybridised Super Race of Templars/FreeMasons, Hashshasins, Fatimids/Druses;

themselves as super race hybrids in control of the various Mithraic, Babylonian, Delphic, Capri_Roman, Venetian_Hans_Mogholian, Vatican Egyptian Priesthoods

and Masonic Brotherhoods

such as Scottish Rite, York Rite, O.T.O., Zen, Hong, Bi’rth Bre’nea as well as the various religions on Earth, of One Law nature, and of the Patriarchal Elitist nature, Abrahamic Patricians of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism etc.


Atlantis, DNA & Templars Seals.

DNA, genetics, interbreeding and the Templars Seals that Spread like a curse on Humanity

-The Templars Seals (Voyager ii pages 36, 96, 98, 99) and the Jesus of the Melchizedek Essene Priesthood (see King Melchizedek of Salem 1982 B.C.).

-The Templars (Atlantean) Seal - and removal of 6th DNA Strand overtone

-The Templars Axiom (Akhenaton) Seal - and removal of 7th DNA strand undertone

-Why Jesus was created and sent (i.e. for the release of the Seals so to enable re-connecting Humanity to the Hierophant and to hence receive the Holy Spirit, or receive energies from higher dimensional Cosmic levels of the Universe.)


---Voyager I by Ashyana Deane (pages 165), and Angelic Warfare (What really hapenned on Heavens, initially between the Lyrans-Elohei-Elohim, and then the emergence of the Fallen Angels, as Anu Elohim (creators of the annunaki hybrids), and Drakonians and the Orion Vrills, among others)

---Voyager II by Ashyana Deane (pages and Angelic Warfare and the Templars Seals... and the Jesus Christ.

 Angelic Warfare on Earth and the Templars Seals (Palaidorians -Sirius' Council, Elohei-Elohim v.s. Annu-Elohim, Anuunaki and Drakonians).


Gold Manufacturing, Drugs and Immortality.

Transubstantiation of Matter, Philoshopher’s Stone, Alchemists, Metalurgists, Smithy’s Masons and

Gold-Manna manufacturing, and Immortality.


The Khemits_Al Khemists,


Atun and Amun Priesthoods, the  Rain_Makers, Metalurgists/Smithys Alchemists, Chemists;

Gold, Earth’s Drugs, Narcotics, Spices, as the Pharmakopoieia and to Immortality.


The Templars/FreeMasons, Super Race, Hybrids.

John Martinus (Templars/FreeMasons), son of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, of Davidians, with Yeshua being the son of Atlantean Bloodline of St Michael/Enlil/Jehova and St Mary.

Seen as magnetic energies fusion (see Dart Moor, England; Enlil’s genetic hybrids, Atlantean/Egypt Line and Azores/Rutan Isles) and the Yeshua birthing---. As the First Templar (also hence, as Martinists/Venetian Party_White-Russians/Jesuits Syndicated Banking-Fascists Oligarchy).


Enoch’s (Templars/Free Masons) from the genetic fusion of Anu’s sons Enlil (Snaked, Drakonian Orion Queen_Magda Race), & Enki’s (Feathered, BirdTribe Rigel_Orion), created hybrids Kings/demigods, that emerged out of their genetic programs on Earth,

hybridising their genes as’gods’ with the native ‘palaidorian’ humans, initially with their emerged


god_adam_eveAdam and Eve, and the ‘God’ creator.

The Shining Ones were a group of highly advanced extraterrestrial scientists who among other things, were also life designers, knowing about DNA genetics and hybridized or created various life forms and also humans, seeding them on this planet. They were known under different names among our ancestors. All Pagan gods Zeus, Odin, Horus, Thoth and others, as well as Yahweh and Lucifer were members of the Shining Ones race.

When two Watchers (Shining Ones) appeared to Mose’s father, Amram, he described their encounter as follows: “And there appeared two men very tall, such as I have never seen on earth. And their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps; and fire forth from their lips. Their dress had the appearance of feathers… [purple], their wings were brighter than gold, their hands whiter than snow. They stood at the head of my bed and called by my name.”

The Book of Enoch contains information about the Shining Ones and their appearance. They were very tall,  much greater in stature than their contemporaries; and is said that did not possess wings.


Atlantean hybridised bloodlines lines, in Atlantis genetic laboratories and then as well from

Enki’s Adamus_Lulus, in Africa genetic laboratories, the AfroAsiatics (see Tzana Lake, Ethiopia),


Enlil’s/Jehova Adamic/Eve Caucasian Hybrids, Mogholian/Babylonian/Sumerian [Proto_Moghol_Tibetans (Abraham/Hetura) IndoHittites (Abraham/Sarah), Semites/Arabians (Abraham/Hagar)]

(see also Caucasus, Tzanoi Tribe –plural of Tzana-) and then also the various humans from the

Lemuria/Wagga/Pan continent including

A'SU/Asuan (Adam) made of Earth, the first race of man,

I'hin (Abel) that begotten of both heaven and earth, conceived of the Lord, being the second race,

Druk (Cain), hybrids of I’hin (Abel) and Asu'ans (Adams),

I'HUAN, half-breed between I'hins and Druks

Yaks, hybrid of A’sua and Druks, and

Jahova’s Faithists, dispersed after the Lemuria/Wagga/Pan Flood as five groups to GUATAMA/America, SHEM/Messopotamia, Vindyu (India), JAFFETH/China, HAM/Egypt, and Yista/ZhaPan.


Taranuseans_2 Humans, from the Annu Treaty (848.000 thousands years ago) placed on Earth as

Seeding-3, after the Galactic and InterPlanetary wars and after the destruction of Humans-Seeding-1 (250 million years ago), and Humans_Seeding-2 (25 million years ago).


The Luciferian Atlantian Covenant (9.500 b.c.), the Babylonian Plan (680 b.c.) and the Nazism_Communism merger, of the genetics Nazi technologies, and the communist manifesto’s Psycho-Political Thought-Theology, occultic-religion and the emergence of the Psychotronics-occultic mind control,

MK Ultra,  and the Cyborgs or cybernetic organisms, or beings that combine biological and artificial (electronic, mechanical, robotic) parts. 

Cybernetics – the Transhumanism’s human-spiritual machine.


Gold, Drugs and ...Immortality

The Sunrisers and AmAdeus

Orion Escape ... to Immortality

And as the

M    &    M  ----- The Golden Felix’s/Wanda, M Trust …  Mars, Moon, CERN and Sol , Orion InterGalactic Space endeavours.

The LuxenBurgh, Mars Halls and the Moon Facilities;



Templars’ FreeMasons M  & M –The Golden Felix’s, M Trust …Mars, Moon, CERN, Sun, Galaxy, and their Creation of metallic Interdimentional Space machinery for their Earth, Solar System, …  Orion escape


PalaidoriansConsciousness saving programmes creation, for  Bio-Spiritual Transformation, Transfigurative Ascension, Transmigration trans-time relocation, for their Earth, Solar System, …Orion escape.



The Human Gene – Tzana

and the Fallen Angels’ Wars on Earth.


Gold, Drugs and Immortality


Greece as a Genetics-Psychopolitical PsiWarfare based Laboratory, combined with the implementation of the NazistoCommunism, Occultic Transhuman Cybernetics gods’ Weapons system on Earth.


Camps, Laboratories, Genetic Studies, Implants and Files creation on targeted Bloodlines and Families, and their use in symbolic-occultic formation for Occultic SocioPolitical Psi-warfare, with the creation of stories g-d masonically designed by rituals/majick/spells, depicted as performed events taking place upon these targeted families;and in a set up as running-symbols based on cultural socio-religious-political being of countries.


The 1940’s Post-WWII manufacturing of the Greek Civil War  and the implementation of the Nazisto_Communists  Psycho-Politics/Thought Theocracy,  with the merging  of DNA-genetics and psychotronics technology and as a weaponised  spiritual warfare via the use of occultic societies.     

genetic programs, inserted Psy-implants in respiratorial area as MKUltra to ‘scientists’ in underground facilities in the Space Program, as well as in various religious/masonic priesthoods operations, for the occultic run of the global ‘system’ ritualistically, with the use of psychotronic torture  in a set up of g-d masonically designed stories in the form of running symbols in a SuperComputer, giving animative motion to the global events (via use of their  DNA genomes for penetration of magnetic ley lines to gather knowing, and manipulate time-space, and time lines). 


implant_2Psy-Implant, used for MK Ultra, psy-thought projection, via control of the diaphragm, respiratory system.

Gods’ weapons, Psychotronics, digitised thoughts and waves of energy, projected as PsyWarfare, torture, headaches, noise, (based upon the Spanish Inquisition and Gurjefs, Pavlov and Miller’s torture methods).

Psychotronically, gods’ weapon, 4th or 5th

dimensional laser type projected torture, directly and via IMG_20151222_115941IMG_20151222_115850the Psy_Implant and as performed energy absorbing operation/surgery, on the Chakral or energy body level areas, along the arteries system, that affects or blocks the body’s  overall energy

IMG_20151231_141812system circulation, creating also swallen

IMG_20151218_112101ankles;---- the targeting of the

axial tonal lines, on chakral

(along the arteries) energies level, with  the psychtronic, psy weapon - via 4D,5D level, laser projected attack, is shown as bruising.


The weaponization of psi powers originated as a science during the Cold War.

The US government got wind of Nazi and Soviet research from brainwashing victims, and via the work of Ostrander and Schroeder's

PSYCHIC DISCOVERIES BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN, US Parapsychologists, such as Dr. Stanley Krippner, Targ & Puthoff, Dr. Carl Schleicher, and other sources.


In the Cold War, negative healing was used to disrupt the energy bodies of adversaries, including the subject's respiration, heartbeat, and braiwave alpha rhythm pattern. Negative effects included pain, paralysis, burns, tissue damage, dizziness, disrupted body clocks and

sleep cycles, acute coronary thrombosis, etc. impossible to defend against. Targets included political leaders, troops, and counterintelligence agents.

But the public was used for guinea pigs by both sides.


Occult ESPionage



Nazist and Communist manifestos, Of

 Marx and Engels, under the financing and guardianship       Urqhart, protégé of Lord Palmerston, and a product of the Lullandries as emerged out of Venice, and implementation since the Cromwell/Pallavacini era, and with the worldwide expanding of the occultic-theocracy freemasonic lodges.



John Dee as the occultic ESPionage master, at the setting up of the British-Venetian Empire.













Fascism and Communism


Communism and Fascism:

The Reason They Are So Similar



The Communist Manifesto



Nazism- Monarch: The New Phoenix Program,       HISTORY of US Government Human Experimentation. Cold War, Doolittle,McCarthyism,Operation Paperclip, Reinhardt Gehlen,Operation Mockingbird,

Operation Northwoods,

MKULTRA Brainwashing- USSR, China, US.

By Marshall Thomas



Communism- The Soviet Art of Brain

Washing - A Synthesis of the Russian

textbook on Psychopolitics


Cryptocracy refers to a type of government where the real leaders are hidden. There may possibly be a fake government that appears to be

in charge and this fake government might not know themselves that they are not in charge. It can also be used when referring to similar arrangements in organisations, orders, sects and cults.
Everywhere is Ground Zero
----In military terms

psychic operations are called psychotronics. Adversaries are rogue psi operatives, psi-warriors who battle like sorcerers.

Psychic self-defence employs thought disruption, shielding techniques, mind drain and energy manipulation.

Psionics is scientific magic ~ mage craft, the product of extraordinary human potential.

Precogs, like analysts, are attuned to the future.


MIND-Magick Metaprograms

This  represents the fine line dividing white magic from black magic, toxic or malignant black ops.

Sensory deprivation, loss of equilibrium, confusion techniques, social isolation, physiological stress, severe shock and ceremonial terror tactics were the forerunners of brainwashing techniques.

This is the realm of psychic attack and psychic self-defence, of sorcerers stealthily vying with one another for power.

Weaponized ESP can affect the body, mind and

soul of one's opponent. But it can boomerang back on the sender 3-fold, according to the cautionary prescription.


Psychotronics Then & Now:    Mind Control Isn't What It Used to Be




The U.S. Psychotronics Association defines psychotronics as the science of mind-body-environment relationships, an interdisciplinary science concerned with the interactions of matter, energy, and consciousness.

Psychotronic includes electronic amplification of psychic abilities, but more than that, it is used to mean ALL offensive uses of psi energy. Psi means the manipulation of the       biophysical field connection between man and the unified field of his surroundings.

In the 21st Century, most of the psychotronic or psi powers have been superseded by highly efficient and targeted electronic equipment from surveillance satellites to brain reading and stimulating techniques, such as brain finger printing, fMRI, P300 waves, etc. Mind control assaults are almost exclusively electronic from small devices created with microwave ovens to giant antenna arrays, such as HAARP.

We are all subject to mass mind control through mass media, agit-prop and propaganda, and cultural engineering. Implants are no longer required for remote controlled psychophysical control.

Psi Phenomena include telepathy, remote viewing, intentionality, distance healing, pk, synchronicity, hypnosis, altered states, mind control, and more. There are spiritual and subversive technologies for altering our conscious and unconscious perceptions. The antidote to having your mind controlled externally is to learn to control it internally with self-regulation techniques, such as self-hypnosis, meditation, binaural beat brain tech, and biofeedback. Seek the truth that underlies each cherished belief

Cybernetics technology that responds to thought was in the offing. In his memo, Helms diverted attention from CIA funded research and development by alluding to the Soviets. But then they had no technology the U.S. did not also have, he conceded.
A subsequent CIA directive, summarized in a brochure on the "Cybernetic Technique" distributed by Mankind Research Unlimited (MRU), a research front in the District of Columbia, gleefully discusses the Agency's development of a "means by which information in modest rate can be fed to humans utilizing other senses than sight or hearing."

The Cybernetic Technique, "based on Eastern European research," involves beaming information to individual nerve cells. The purpose, the directive states, is the enhancement of mental and physical performance. The cyborg was born.

It is said that Dr. Schleicher was the "Father of the Cyborg", the original Manchurian Candidate, developed under the direction of infamous Sidney Gottleib for MK Ultra, probably the most notorious black_ops program ever developed.  When this project was outed and investigated by Congress, most of the original documents were destroyed or disappeared so we may never know the true history and extent of this heinous program, which has even deeper historical roots. Several universities and disconnected researchers were involved as fronts for the program.

MRU studied dowsing, the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the central nervous system, telepathy, infra- and ultrasound, cranial implants, mind-altering drugs, biofeedback, synthetic telepathy, mind control, bio-cybernetics, and Kirlian photography. President - Dr. Carl Schleicher denied that his organization has any connection to the government. Mankind Research Unlimited, Inc. (MRU, and the later non-profit Foundation, MRF) was a much less publicized east coast think-tank like Stanford Research Institute (SRI). MRU was purchased from parent company SCI on August 13, 1973 to become an independent company with its own Board operating through the Director's lifetime.

Psychotronics, Electronic Mind Control and Weapons - Cybernetics, Cyborgs, and Transhumanism

The term Cybernetics was borrowed by Norbert Wiener, in his book “Cybernetics”, to define the study of control and communication in the animal and the machine.

This field of research, along with others, has resulted in the creation of “cyborgs” (short for cybernetic organisms”), or beings that combine biological and artificial (electronic, mechanical, or robotic) parts. 

Philosophers have joined the fray to help explicate and legitimize the new field of ‘transhumanism’

 These ‘transhumanists’ articulate a vision of a ‘post-human’ world in which human abilities are artificially enhanced and aging is eliminated altogether.



Psi-Implants and MK Ultra




Psy-Implant, used for MK Ultra, psy-thought projection, via control of the diaphragm, respiratory system. Inserted at the hospital since infant age, to this particular case, in Greece.



Diaphragm line ---- Implant insertion





















It is operated remotelly, via 4th or 5th Dimensional type psychotronics, ‘gods weapons’ tools, it controls the respiratory system, it affects/pressurises the ribs, chest, spine bones, it projects thoughts and downloading, and any type of thought as frequency that is transmitted to the brain as burning pain, as nails nailed in the brain,  and as controlling tool of the different areas, blocking or enabling the functions of the brain; at times causes bowel bleeding, and passsing blood and isophagus/stomach problems.






Psychtronic, psy weapon - via 4D,5D level, laser projected attack, that is shown as bruising









Psychotronically, gods’ weapon, 4th or 5th dimensional laser type, projected torture, and as performed energy absorbing operation, on the chakral/energy level areas along the arteries system, that affects and/or blocks the body’s  overall energy system circulation, creating as well swallen ankles





Left Leg

















Right Leg